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Emmy award winning Chef Justin Sutherland Collab 8” chef knife

Emmy award winning Chef Justin Sutherland Collab 8” chef knife

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This is an 8” chef knife made with 13c26 stainless steel. The handle material is purple and black acrylic called Kirinite. 

Blade length 8”

Blade width 2”

Overal length 13”

Nationally recognized chef and entrepreneur Chef Justin Sutherland has joined forces with acclaimed bladesmith Quintin Middleton of Middleton Made Knives to unveil an exclusive knife collaboration - the Chef Justin Sutherland x Middleton Made Chef Knife.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the culinary world, as two industry leaders come together to create a bespoke chef's knife that combines unmatched functionality with exquisite craftsmanship, showcasing their joint commitment to culinary excellence and innovation. 

The Chef Justin Sutherland x Middleton Made Chef Knife is meticulously crafted by Quintin Middleton in St. Stephen, South Carolina, using the finest materials and techniques. Measuring 13” from blade to handle, each knife features a distinctive design highlighted by the custom purple and black Kirinite Acrylic handles. The custom-made acrylic handles also offer both ergonomic comfort and an aesthetic unlike any other knife in Middleton’s repertoire thus far. The knife boasts an impeccably refined 8x2” blade expertly forged from 13c26 Sandvik Stainless Steel, ensuring persistent durability and precision in every cut.

“Having admired Chef Justin Sutherland on countless television appearances, I knew I wanted to collaborate with him, however, it wasn't until we met at Kwame Onuwatchi’s Family Reunion that this dream turned into reality,” says Quintin Middleton of Middleton Made Knives. “Together, we've forged a blade that reflects hard work, craftsmanship, and embodies distinguished culinary artistry."


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